How Many Players Are On a Basketball Team? 4 Facts

The number of players and the number of subs that can be used depend on the sport. Basketball is a popular and well-known sport all over the world.

People often ask, “How many people are on a basketball team?” when talking about the sport. Today, Scott Fujita will take you step by step through the process.

How Many Players Are On A Basketball Team?

The National Basketball Association says that each team can have no more than 12 players on its roster. where no more than five players can be on the court at once, but there can be as many subs as you want.

Street basketball and professional basketball are the two main types of basketball games. Because of this change, the starting lineups and bench sizes in the two formats will now be different.

The International Basketball Association (FIBA) recognizes two main types of competition. People might expect a basketball team to have the same number of players as shown in each diagram.

How Many Players Are On a Basketball Team

1. Street basketball: Number of players on the court 

Street basketball, which is also called “3 on 3 basketball,” is often used as a way to train.

Each team will have three players, which is why the game is also called “3-on-3 basketball.”

  • Number of players in each basketball team: 3 players on the court.
  • Number of substitute players: 1 player
  • Number of main trainers: 1 person
  • Assistant coach: 2 to 3 coaches.

In this version of basketball, each team only needs three people and a ball.

2. Professional basketball: Number of players on the court 

This tournament is a good example of how NBA-level play of this kind usually goes. In other words, this is a basketball league in the United States where people get paid to play.

This is the most common and popular way for NBA players to play. This kind of basketball tournament is also called “5-on-5 competitive basketball.” Each basketball team’s roster will look like this:

  • Number of players per team: 5 players on the court.
  • Number of substitutes: 7 players.
  • Number of main trainers: 1 person.
  • Assistant coach: 2 to 3 coaches.
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Each team can only have five players on the court at the same time.

Besides the main roles, there may also be a team manager, a team doctor, etc.

What Role Will Five Players Play On the Basketball Court?

1. Point Guard

This player is in charge of the offensive strategy for the whole team. It is this person’s job to come up with the team’s overall plan of attack.

Most teams’ best player with the ball is the point guard. He should be able to steal the ball and control it well. He has to step up to bat and take on the responsibility of being the team’s main hitter.

2. Shooting Guard

This is a position that can be used in many different ways during a game. You’re the Shooting Guard if you’re a guard and you throw the most. When the team is losing, it is common for people to criticize this position.

When it comes to stopping the best throwers on the other side, Shooting Guard has an extra, specialized job. He is often taller than the Point Guard so that he can help the Center get offensive rebounds.

As a bonus, he should be able to dribble, pass, and shoot the ball well.

3. Small Forward

The jobs in this group are similar to those of the Shooting Guard. Most of the time, this position can be swapped for Shooting Guard.

But the Shooting Guard is better at controlling the ball when it’s in the air. So, the Small Forward is usually stationed around the court’s edges or just inside the 3-point line.

On defense, it’s the job of this position to get on the offensive glass and put pressure on the person with the ball. So, active players at this position need to be physically strong, quick, and smart.

As a bonus, it would be great if he could shoot well and pass the ball well.

4. Power Forward

The job of this PF is to bother players inside and outside of the penalty box. Our goal is to make the Command Headquarters less tense.

It is very important for the Power Forward to be able to switch to the Center position. If Center passes to him here, he has to defend the whole area right under the basket if Center passes to him.

If an NBA player wants to play this position, they need to be able to go to the basket, compete, and hold the ball.

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5. Center

Defense and getting offensive rebounds are the most important parts of this role. For this posture to work, all it needs to do is make the opponent feel some resistance in the box.

The center must be huge and very strong. These two things must happen. He needs to take charge of the game and play quickly and aggressively.

How Many Players Are On a Basketball Team

How Long Is a Basketball Game?

How hard the game is affects how long each player gets to play.

The length of the game depends on how good the players are and how hard the game is.

Also, the length of each level of basketball game varies. We’ll talk about some of basketball’s most important levels, like high school, college, the NBA, the NCCA, and the pros.

1. FIBA – Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur 

FIBA rules say that a basketball game should last 40 minutes. Each cycle lasts 10 minutes, so the whole thing takes 40 minutes. Between each round, there will also be a break.

Each team will have about 20 minutes to get ready before the game.

Between the first and second halves, there should be a 2-minute break.

The 15-minute break between the second and third periods will be longer than that. The time has come for the teams to switch pitchers and get ready for the next inning.

Between rounds 3 and 4, there should be a 2-minute break.

The final score of the match will be known after the first four rounds. But if two teams with the same level of skill are tied at the end of regulation, they will play two extra periods.

One team will move on to the next round of overtime if they make more shots go in during the first round of overtime than the other team.

If the score is still tied after the first period of extra time, a second period of extra time will be played.

There will also be a 2-minute break between overtime sessions.

2. NBA – National Basketball Association – James Naismith – Father of basketball

Second, James Naismith, who is often called the “father” of basketball, set up the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In NBA basketball games, the time between rounds will be longer than in FIBA games. Each round lasts 12 minutes, so the whole game takes 48 minutes.

As in FIBA tournaments, there is a 15-minute break between rounds two and three. Between each 10 minute overtime, there will be a 5 minute break.

Getting ready, playing, and letting down during an NBA game takes about two hours.

3. NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association

The college basketball season is longer because of these two tournaments. This gives the team more time to play. A round takes 20 minutes to play.

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Like in the NBA, there is a break between extra innings and between innings 2 and 3.

4. High school basketball

We’re talking about the game that moves the fastest of all time. Between each round, there are 8 minutes.

Between the second and third periods, there must be a 10-minute break. There will be an extra four minutes.

Basketball Rules of Substitutions

  • During a substitution, a team may substitute one, two players, or more at the same time.
  • Can only change players with the approval of the referees.
  • Substituting players will remain outside the touchline until the referee allows entry.
  • When making a substitution, the substituted player will go straight and sit on the bench in his team’s area.
  • When changing players, do it as quickly as possible. The maximum time for substitution is 30 seconds.
  • For a free throw player, it can only substitute in the following cases:
    • Injured free throw player and can’t continue playing right away.
    • The free thrower is penalized or sent off.
    • Can not substitute during or after free throws.

How Many Players Are On a Basketball Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a dead ball in basketball?

  • hen a player makes a shot or all of their free throws, the ball is said to be “dead.”
  • When the referee blows his whistle to call a stop to the game.
  • Final buzzer means game over.
  • The 24-second clock’s bells.
  • Stoppage of play caused by the referee blowing his whistle because a player on one team broke the rules.

2. What are the situations of losing under basketball rules?

If an offensive basketball team does any of the following, they will lose.

If either basketball team has less than five players before the game starts, the other team will automatically lose.

Players can do things that will stop the game from going forward.

3. Basketball rules of mistakes related to poor consciousness

Respect for each other is important in basketball, as it is in a lot of other sports.

How Many Players Are On a Basketball Team

  • A basketball player or coach who does something wrong on the court.
  • As the game goes on, the basketball team and/or coach say and do things that are insulting.
  • Athletes do things that aren’t fair to beat their competition.
    When a player is mean, they hurt their opponent.
  • When players or coaches act unsportsmanlikely when they don’t agree with a referee’s call, the game suffers.
  • Those who get into a fight on the court between two teams or their coaches could get in trouble.


Now you should know the answer to the question, “How many people are on a basketball team?” Scott Fujita gives a lot of background information about the rules of basketball. We hope that you and your friends have the best basketball games ever.

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